"Physical evidence cannot be intimidated.  It does not forget.  It sits there and waits to be detected, preserved, evaluated and explained."
-Herbert MacDonell



Documents 1: Handwriting Analysis


Documents 2: Forgery


Documents 3: Currency Counterfeiting

Entomology 1: Taxonomy


Entomology 2: Insect Biology

Fingerprint 1: Fingerprint Characteristics


Fingerprint 2: Fingerprint Processing

Forensics 1: Introduction to Forensic Science


Forensics 2: Forensics and the Legal Process 


Forensics 3: Evidence


Forensics 4: Crime Scene Processing

Hair and Fiber 1: Human Hair Analysis


Hair and Fiber 2: Non-Human Hair Analysis


Hair and Fiber 3: Fiber Analysis

Microscope 1: Forensic Microscopy

Pathology 1: Forensic Pathology

Pathology 2: Autopsies


Pathology 3: Anthropology


Pathology 4: Forensic Art

Psychology 1: Serial Crime


Psychology 2: Criminal Profiling


Psychology 3: Serial Arson

Trace 1: Forensic Geology


Trace 2: Soil Science


Admin:  Course Syllabus

Admin:  Assignment Grading Rubric
Admin:  Midterm Exam Review Sheet 
Admin:  Final Exam Review Sheet 
Admin: The Writing Process

Lab: Constitutional Law
Lab: Crime Scene Processing I
Lab: Crime Scene Processing I (COVID)
Lab: Crime Scene Processing II and Crime Scene Logs 
Project: Major Crimes

Lab: Entomology I
Lab: Entomology II
Lab: Taxonomy

Lab: Fingerprint Identification 1 (COVID)
Lab: Fingerprint Minutiae Lab (COVID)
Lab: Fingerprint Processing 1 (COVID)
Video: Forensic Files - Fingerprint Analysis


Lab: Mineral Properties
Lab: Rock Identification
Lab: Forensic Soil Lab Part I
Lab: Forensic Soil Lab Part II

Hair and Fiber Analysis
Lab: Human Hair Analysis
Lab: Non-Human Hair Analysis
Lab: Fiber Analysis I
Lab: Fiber Analysis II
Video: Forensic Files - Hair Analysis
Lab: Faces - Facial Reconstruction
Lab: Forensic Anthropology - Full Lab, Lab Sheet only, Anatomy Photo Catalog
Lab: Virtual Autopsy
Lab:  Who Killed the Iceman Pathology
DVD Worksheet:  Who Killed the Iceman
Video: Forensic Files - Forensic Pathology
Video: Who Killed the Iceman
Worksheet: Skeletal System

Iceman Pathology: Preliminary Report of Investigation
Iceman Pathology: Medical Investigator Scene Guidelines

Lab: Holmes Typology
Lab: Serial Crime Research


Questioned Documents
Lab: Chromatography
Lab: Chromatography II
Lab: Counterfeiting
Lab: Handwriting Analysis
Lab: Handwriting Forgery
Video Worksheet - CSI: Questioned Documents
Worksheet: Handwriting Characteristics